Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Projects

It seems like I have a ton of little projects going on right now. First is my Usborne Books. I started selling these books about 2 months ago. Now it seems like I'm mostly getting the word out about the books. sooner or later business will pick up and people will start buying the books. Everyday i try to accomplish something wtih the company; mail out fliers, email people,make a promotion board for book fairs, stuff like that. Eventually my work will pay off.

Then there is Gretchen's room. I am taking down the SpongeBob border and going to repaint it. This is a process. I absolutely can't stand SpondgeBob, he must come down and be destroyed. You see very time I turn around I have to stop to get Gretchen out of something she isn't supposed to be into or stop completely during her nap time. I have neen working on this now for two weeks. I don't have a time line but i want to have it complete by her birthday or at least by the time I start back to school.

Oh, her birthday! I am also in the middle of planning my little girls first birthday party. Every week I'm buying up decorations and food. I already over analize everything so freaking out about invitations is normal for me. I have been searching for weeks online for dirt cheap invitations and a banner. I wanted everything to match or somewhat match. The cheapest invitations I found that were personalized that I wouldn't have to write in were $1 each plus a cute banner for $16.00. So when you figure out cost and shipping it was still going to be about $40. I'm on an extreme budget. I only work 15 hrs a week so I can't be spending my whole months salary on her birthday. If I could believe me I would. I love my daughter and want to spoil the crap out of her. So, I finally talked myself out of buying the personalized invites and found dirt cheap but cute invitations to write in and got materials to make a banner. So far I have spent less then $40 and have gotten the invitations, decorations,favors, candy, and whatnot. Still need to buy food , balloons, and the activities and games.


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