Friday, July 23, 2010

Keeps on Growing

Its so amazing how fast a baby grows and changes. Its as if they are a different person every few weeks. The same as they were before but more developed, more confident, more modile, more personality. Gretchen isn't a baby baby anymore. She is a toddler. She is fully mobile and jabbers a mile a minute. Most of the time I have no clue what she is saying but she says it like she is carrying on a conversation with you. She knows what a phone is and that you hold it up to your ear. She has a play phone but sometimes she even uses her hairbrush as a phone. So cute.

Brian and I have "Earworms." Earworm are those songs that get stuck in your head. Gretchen likes the Wiggles so most of there songs are now stuck in my head. There is a Wiggles movie called Space Dancing and we go around singing "Whats this button for... Whats this button for..." And they have little aliens that speak English and say "How do you do? We come as friends. You have beautiful eyyyess." I think it is so cute and hilarious that I say it all the time to Brian while I stare into his hazel eyes.

Then there is Songdrops by Bryant Oden ( These are cute little songs like "The Duck song" or "CBA Song." I really think Gretchen gets a kick out of seeing Brian and I sing them. She dances and bobs her head. She is awesome.

So, Birthday planning is underway. Planning to send out invitation Saturday. I finally figured that I can do the photo invitation through Wal-Mart for like 35 cents a piece. I had resorted into Mighty Dollar invitation that I hated cause they looked so cheap but now she can have nice invitation that I can still afford. The only problem in doing this was taking a good picture of Gretchen. Now she will not be still long enough for me to take a picture. My mom would laugh at this cause I was the same way as a baby. If you look at baby pictures of me you will notice my moms hand on my leg holding me down so they could take a picture. She is having pictures made for her birthday curtisy of Brian's mom and sister. I am starting to think that this is going to be a bad idea cause I know she is not going to sit still.

It took months for me to decide where to have her party. We though that having it at Crowe's Park would be a good idea. However we decided to have it at my Mom's. Our house just isn't equiped for a birthday party. At least at my parent's there will be clean bathroom and I won't have to haul a ton of stuff somewhere to unload and reload. Since her birthday is in August in the South where it is hot and humid and 100 degrees we will have kiddie pools and water games and sprinklers to help keep everyone cooled off.

I know this blog isn't nice to look at since it doesn't have many pictures but give me time and I will load tons of them.

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