Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waking up from Blogger Hibernation

So I have blogged all year. Opps. I guess I got bored since no one really reads it anyway but I have to tell myself that this blog isn't for readers its for Gretchen. I also think I don't write because I can't add pictures since Gretchen lost my camera. Literally lost it in 5 seconds. Great new, its tax season and Uncle Sam owes me a huge check and I will be buying a new camera soon.

The last time I blogged was before Christmas. A few things have happened since them. The biggest thing is that Brian and I have 50/50 custody of his kids now. Now we have them Thursday evening til Sunday morning. If you live in my world them this is a great thing but with many challenges. The great thing is that Brian and his ex communicate more about the kids. No more of Brian's mom being the messenger or Brian and I not know anything that is going on. The challenging parts have been that the whole family has had to get used to this. The most important people are the kids in the matter. Sometimes Hayley gets homesick for her mom still but now its mostly when she gets in trouble. Gretchen loves having her big bro and sis her but on Thursdays she is being over stimulated with them being in the house that she now stays up later on Thursday nights. On Fridays we get up early to get them ready for school and I pick them up in the afternoon. Even though Gretchen could stay in bed on Fridays she wants to get up with them. Then she cries that she can't go to school with them.

Gretchen is now 18 1/2 months old. She can say short sentences but usually only a few people knows what she is saying. I can say that she is definately going through some terrible twos already. She is a sweet baby but she wants to be so independent at times and only wants what she wants. Other then that she is terrific. She loves to dance, sing (humm), and share. At the grocery store she talks to everyone and tries to give away our groceries to other customers. She also loves to clean. This child loves to help with laundry. She will help put the clothes in the dryer and then "help" fold. She is such a Ham.