Monday, July 19, 2010

Favorite Baby Product Reward!

Gretchen is now almost a year old. In the past year I have went through a ton of baby products. Of course some products you just can't get around without having like diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, bottle, etc. Most other products really depend on you and your baby's lifestyle and personality. For me big bulky products made me clostrophobic. Of course I have had the big bulky products like a swing and saucer. A saucer is great to entertain and contain your baby so you can get other things done. But these are things that I got rid of as soon as I could cause they just took up sooo much room. There is one product that I absolutely love. It wasn't expensive and has worked wonders in getting Gretchen to go to sleep on her own. So, the winner of MY FAVORITE BABY PRODUCT REWARD is....

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Take Along Projector Soother

This product can project 2 images. One is simplier and one is more detailed. It plays about 10 minutes of either lullaby music or ocean waves. My biggest thing that sold me on this product was that you didn't put it in the crib. I personally didn't want anything in the crib for her to play with. I keep this on the dresser and play it when I lay her down for naps and bedtime. Gretchen has gotten a little dependent on it but when I think about it its just music. Its not a pacifier that I will have to ween her off of.

Second place will have to go to my Jeep stroller. This thing is very light weight stroller with out being an umbrella stroller. It still has a basket on the bottom and a cup holder. My sister loved it too. She wishes she had had one instead of her huge heavy stroller when her kids were little.

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