Monday, July 12, 2010

Constant Change

Since the last blog Gretchen is finally WALKING! I thought she was never going to take off. I mean, around 9 months she started taking a step or two but that was it. I don't consider a step or two as walking. So for a month in a half it was step step fall. Finally a month in a half later she is actually walking. But now she won't stop walking. The only good thing about her walking is the fact that it wares her out more and takes more naps and sleeps longer in the morning.

Oh, yeah. My almost 11 month old has 10 teeth. This is crazy. She is like a super-teether. Everyone elses kid her age only has like 2 teeth.

Well, my little girl turns ONE in a little over a month now. I can't believe this. I wish she was still that tiny little thing I brought home from the hospital. If I had a ton of money I would probably have more babies just so I can have a little one all the time. I ordered her cake pan for her birthday cake. Its going to be a pink ladybug. I have also, after hours of searching have found invitations that won't break the bank and a bannner that I am going to order. The banner is a splurge but oh well. I really want it for my baby. I can put it up for her to keep forever. Basically everything else for the party besides the food is going to come from the Mighty Dollar (ie. cups, plates, favors..). Now I just need to decide what to serve. For her birthday I am redoing her bedroom and getting rid of the Spongebob border. This is definately a work in progress. I swear I've been taking down wall paper for a week now. My main thing is that Gretchen is always in the way. And when its nap time I can't do anything in there cause it will wake her up. Other than that she probably will only get a few other small presents from us. I know I over analyze everything thing but I don't want to get a bunch of toys that she will outgrow in a few months unless I get it super cheap at a yard sale. Right?

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