Thursday, June 3, 2010

Month 3

Month 3 I guess was right around Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Around this time I started putting her in her crib. I started during the day and kept her in there are along as she would stay until finally she would stay the whole length of a regular nap. This was great for me since I had been falling asleep on the couch with her or depending on the baby swing.

For some reason I didn't want to sleep in my bed while Brian was gone. Being at the house alone with Gretchen scared me at night. I kept thinking that I needed to sleep in the living room so I could be closer to her if something happened. After a while my body was really feeling the pain of sleeping on the couch. I ached all the time in my back and neck. Once back in my own bed my pain went away and the fear of something bad happening slowly went away.

At this time she was trying to roll over. She would get half way over and get so mad and just scream. Finally at my friend Chelsey's babyshower she rolled over twice. I called Brian immediately. I was so excited, it was like her first big achievment.

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