Monday, June 7, 2010

Month 4

Gretchen turned 4 months on December 17th. Getting ready for her first Christmas wasn't a big deal. I'm waiting for the day when Christmas is exciting to her. She got tons of stuff but I decided to only have "Santa" bring her one big toy. Everything else was from Mommy and Daddy. The reason was that I want her to understand the real reason for Christmas. Also, I don't see the point in going over board and her expect a huge Christmas every year. What if we just can afford a big Christmas? But also, there are kids out there that don't get a whole lot at Christmas. I'm sure those kids wonder why Santa only brought then a few crappy toys while the kid down the street in the mansion got like 20 toys. I will explain to Gretchen someday that I asked Santa to only bring her one toy so that a needy boy or girl can get something nice. She got tons of other stuff from everyone else though. She got clothes, books, bath toys, a huge stuffed sea turtle. So even with out Santa she scored big.

Buying Brian's kids Christmas was alot harder though. With me being out of work I could really only afford to buy Gretchen Christmas. I told Brian over and over when he was home that he needed to go ahead and get Hayley and Jacobs stuff. No, he waits til the day before Christmas when there is nothing left in the stores. We will not make that mistake again.

But really her first Christmas was very special. I just hope I can get better and better at it by the time she starts to get into it.

New Year Brian was back on the road and I was home with Gretchen and babysitting Kaylee. Kaylee was gone by midnight and Gretchen was asleep. I stayed up to see the ball drop but its better to celebrate with someone special.

The rest of the time Gretchen was ill. She was starting to teeth. At this point I have her and Gracelynn teething. Oh Lord!

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