Thursday, May 27, 2010

Month 2 of motherhood.

So, Brian had went back on the road and I am moving out of my parents and in officially with Brian. What a job that was?

Brian's place was more of a bachelor pad. He's closets were cluttered and the kids bedroom with no much of a bed room but a storage room. I spent about 2 weeks cleaning and hauling stuff off to either storage or the dump so that I could move me and Gretchen's things in. Doing this with Gretchen was hard at times. It was a big adjustment now having to try to take care of her and do house work and move all this stuff. I had to do the majority of my work when she was asleep. This was hard because that would have been the perfect time for me to rest since I was up every couple hours at night with her by myself instead of getting to take turns with Brian.

My plan during pregnancy was to go back to work after 6 weeks. But since my plans changed and I was doing this alone wit out my parents help I told Brian that I just wasn't ready to go back. I needed more time to adjust and get used to how I was going to do this alone. If I had went back to work I would never had gotten any rest. Not as if I was getting any to begin with but if I had to go to work to I would have died.

Instead of going to an outside job every day we lined up a couple of kids for me to keep at home. The first kid was Brian's neice Gracelynn and the other was a girl named Kaylee. This was an adjustment getting used to having another kid around, and they had to get used to me. I still worked at the group home PRN for the time being.

Nights were the worst at this point with her getting all the time. But I started relying on a babyswing to help me. I could get up and feed her and then put her in the swing to rock her back to sleep while I drifted back off for another 2 hrs.

By week 7 I stopped pumping breast milk. I was drying up and only making about 6 oz a day so she was receiving alot more formula then she was milk anyways.

Remember that I said Hayley liked playing with the babystuff. Well we got Gretchen a little puppy . So one weekend Hayley first wraps the pup in one of Gretchen's blankets, put the pup in the car seat, and tried to feed the pup a bottle with Gretchen's bottle. Oh my gosh, so now I have 4 kids and only one I actually gave birth too and one is a grown adult.

Gretchen's first true holiday was Halloween. I was so excited but totally disappointed that Brian didn't make it home. But she dressed up like a flower and we went to visit Haley and Isla ( who is exactly one month younger).

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