Monday, May 24, 2010

Finding out I was Preggo

Where does this story begin? I guess at conception, whenever that was. I'm guessing somewhere in the first half of December of 2008. No I won't go in to details on how she was concieved. But it had to be before December 15 be Brian left going on the road with his new trucking job. He was going to be gone for 6 weeks. I had been staying with him at his house so when he left I went back to my parents to stay.

Around the beginning of January I started feeling exhausted all the time. I filling in at work on third shift for someone so I though it was my body not being used to the change. I also figured that perhaps I was anemic and was about to start my period. Well, my period never came. I went to Wal-Mart to get a pregnancy test just to make sure. I literally thought that it would come up negative and then I would start my period the next day. Wrong! The first test I didn't really know what it said. It was like a combo of positive and negative. Thats what I get from buying a cheapo at Wal-Mart. I called my sister Annie freaking out. We went back to Wal-Mart and got another test. This time it came up positive.

Woohoo I'm pregnant. But Brian was God knows where in the middle of the USA and wouldn't be back for 2 more weeks. He already know I was late so I couldn't keep it from him. How romantic, telling your boyfriend that you are pregnant over the phone.

I hated having to go to the health department and gettng on medicaid. I always said that I wouldn't be on welfare and look. On the bright side I am grateful cause it has kept me out of serious medical debt but going to the health department is just horrible. If I ever have another baby I will find a mid wife with a nice comfy office that reminds me of home.

Ok, maybe the health dept is horrible. I mean, the women there were for the most parent every helpful and caring. It was the atmosphere that makes you hate it. You go to this crowded office with tons of other preggers and alot of yelling kids. Maybe its a way of getting used to what is about to come. But I hate going to the doctor and spending hours of my time waiting just to see the doctor for 10 minutes.

It took me two weeks to tell my parents. We'll I didn't exactly tell them. They already knew. I got up early one morning when my dad was getting ready for work. There we were standing in the kitchen and I looked at him and started crying. He hugged me and said that he knew. You knew? How did you know? I guess since they are my parents and can just sense something. My mom said that since I was sleeping almost all the time and being all quiet and secretive that she could tell. Fortunately my parents were so excited. Woohoo grandbaby #7.

Moving on...

So, at 9 weeks Brian was home and he went with me to have an ultrasound to determine my true due day since I couldn't remember when my last period was and they were saying that I was 6 weeks further along then I actually was.

Seeing my little baby and hearing the heart beat was so surreal. I mean, it made the pregnancy real. I could see and hear this little thing that was growing inside of me. At 9 weeks she looked like a peanut with arms and legs. I got so tickled cause I could see her kicking her little legs. I look at the pictures now and just melt knowing that that was my precious little girl.

I had morning sickness from 6 weeks until 12 weeks. I couldn't take my prenatals or brush my teeth without getting sick. I lost 6 lbs due to that and the fact that I was scared to eat cause I knew I would get sick. The over the counter med , enulose I think its called helped some and switching me from the large minerally prenatals to flintstone vitamins helped the most.

For the most part my pregnancy was average. I'm saying this cause I knew it could have been alot worse. I went to the doctor every month and always got terrific reports. I didn't have blood pressure problems or gestatioanl diabets. I was gaining weight but not too much so I was the right size. They told me I needed to gain about 25 lbs. I thought that since I had lost 6 lbs that this would play to my advantage cause I would beable to get back to my normal size quicker after dilivery. Oh no, they also was you to gain that back as well plus the 25 lbs. I have always obcessed about my weight so gaining weight tortured me.

I experience everything that the book What to expect when your expecting said i would. Nausea, constipation, constant urge to pee, the works. It seemed to me that while you are pregnant you can experience every illment known to man. When someone at work or in my family would comment about their health I would say "Oh yeah? Are you pregnant?"

Around April I found out what I was having. Brian was home for my original appointment but it got canceled due to the techician having a death in the family. I was devestated. I wanted him there so much. I hated to fact that I was going to have to tell him over the phone cause I knew I wouldn't beable to keep it a secret from him for a month til he came back home. Everyone in my famiy offered to go with me. But I still wanted Brian to be the first other than me to know what it was.

For some reason I swore I was having a boy. Boy Boy Boy! Thats all I could think about. When the technician told me she was a girl I was surprise and kept asking if she was sure. Dr. Sobalivic guarnteed me that he was 99.9% sure she was a girl.

Oh Girl!

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