Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The End of the Pregnancy Race

The thing about being pregnant is that you are like a ticking time bomb without a timer. I mean, you are given a "due date" which in my case ment nothing.

I was at almost 37 weeks when I went to my last doctors appointment. It was suppose to be the doctors appt before I had to start going every week. That following week I was suppose to make out my birth plan.

I measured at 3 cm and 80% thinned. I was exstatic. But every told me that it could still take weeks for me to go into labor. The next day at work I worked from 7 am to 2 pm then they had a babyshower for me. After that I went to my neices birthday party. By the end of the day I was so ready to get home and get off my feet. My this point in my pregnancy I was hurting. My back and feet were sore, I had gained 6 lbs in two weeks, and Gretchen was still kicking the crap out of me. I was ready to have her but at the same time not ready.

Brian wasn't at home. I still had 3 weeks to go and he wouldn't be home for 2 weeks. Our awesome plan was for him to be home a week before my due date and be home for a month. I knew that there would be a chance that he would miss the birth but what if he had come home and then I end up being 2 weeks late? Then he would be on the road and miss it anyways.

So obviously plan one didn't work so on to plan 2. Instead of having Brian my mom and two sisters were in the room. Which for the most part was ok. Now years later we can look back and tell Gretchen how 3 amazing women helped deliver her.

I went into the labor the following Sunday night after my last doctors appointment. I was in bed trying to sleep but keep feeling this pain in my left side. I called Brian and told him that I thought it was time. He convinced me that I needed to get to the hospital immediately so I could get an epideral. Haha I will never listen to a man again on that part. I mean, they don't know what labor is like. But I had to go wake my parents up to take me. I was afraid to wake them, what if it was a false alarm. I kept going in and out of there room waiting to get my nerve up to wake them. Finally woke them up and then it was caos. It was caos on my part because I didn't have a bag ready. Ha ha, normally I am ready for everything but not this. Maybe it was my way of being in deniel that I was even ever going to go into labor. Instead I would just be pregnant forever.

So, long story short. I get to the hospital, they hook me up, give me an epideral at some point,break my water, then my labor stops. What the.... I knew it could happen but seriously this wasn't a good time for it to just stop right. For a second I thought this was great. I could go home and go to bed, cause at this point I had been up over 24 hrs and was exhausted, and then Brian could come home and just try this again later. Well, my sister laughed and had to remind me that they had give me an epideral and broke my water so I had no choice but to stay and have a baby. So they started my labor back up with pitosin but then it started to effect her heart rate so they stopped it again, but a monitor on her head inside of me, and they started it back but did it every slowly. I didn't really notice anything, I was feeling fine except being tired.

Finally hours later I felt alot of pressure on me. I thought I needed to do a #2 or something. I wanted to get up and go to the bathroom. Well I need to poop then. My sis Annie went and got the nurse and she came in and checked me. I was completely dialated and thinned. Oh so it was a baby trying to get out of me that caused the pressure, that makes sense.

So I start the pushing process, Dr Sobalavic finally comes in. He came in twice actually, the first time he forgot his glasses. Hell, is he that blind that he can't see a 7 lbs baby coming out of my you know what. At that point I started crying and told my mom that he wasn't taking this seriouslly and that he was going to leave her in me. Shit I was hurting. I had stopped pressing my epideral button. Hell I had other things on my mind and they told me it would help me feel my contractions. So anyways, I push, have an episiotomy, and Bamm. In a split second I went fromm being pregnant to not pregnant ; from being a nobody to being the greatest thing in the world, a Mom. 37 weeks of pregnancy, 12 hrs of labor, 45 minutes of pushing, and I got a beautiful baby girl.

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