Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I got to cuddle with my baby

This morning was the first time in many many months that I had to get up with Gretchen. I think around 3 am she started crying in her crib. Its been so long I woke straight up in a panic thinking something was wrong. I though she had fallen out of the crib. She is a climber and I know it is just a matter of time when she will attempt to climb out of her crib. So this morning I though she has fallen out and hurt herself. I get up and I am a litte disoriented and end up turning every light between our room and her room on. When I get to her room she was crying because she had dropped her paci outside of the crib and needed it. So I grab the paci and cuddle Gretchen to calm her down. She was wet so I went ahead and changed her. Then we went to the living room and cuddled on the couch and went back to sleep. This was a rare moment for me. She hasn't let me hold her and go to sleep with her since she was like 3 months. Once I transitioned her from sleeping in the bassinet in our room to the crib in her room that was it. She was a big girl and didn't need mommy to rock her. So last night for about 2 hours I took the time to cuddle with my baby girl. Its different cuddling with a 1 year old compared to a new born. Grethcen is 10 1/2 inches longer then she was a year ago and doesn't curl up in a little ball with her knees in her chest anymore. And of course she is a lot heavier. When she was born she was 7 lbs 2 oz. At her one year check up on her birthday exactly a year later she weighted 21 lbs and 4 oz. After a while she woke up and wanted back in her bed. Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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