Thursday, September 2, 2010

Different food habits

When cohabitating with someone you learn to compromise with certain things. For Brian and I our biggest compromise is the food factor. I actually compromise more then he does. One of the biggest problems is SALT. Brian puts salt on everything. I don't know how many times we have ordered a pizza and Brian has pre-salted it before I get my slice to eat. This also happens when we order a Chef Salad from the Grill to share. I'm not a big salt fan. I do salt foods but definately not everything nor do I salt it to the point where I feel I am drawning in an ocean of salt. I tell Brian don't to salt it until the food is on his own plate. At this point I think he does it on purpose to annoy me.

The other compromise is choosing a restuarant to eat at. Both of us like Chinese but picking a Chinese Restaurant turns into an arguement. I like Dragon Palace and he likes the Chinese place at Wal-Mart. I don't even bother knowing the name of it. Most times we end up at the one at Wal-Mart or we end up picking a different place. I think its just Brian's family in general. They all like crappy restaurants. I actually have told Brian that he is to never take me back to Ryan's again. It is a waste of money to pay $10 for a drink and buffet when all I will end up eating is Macaroni and Cheese.

The biggest compromise is when Brian goes on a diet. Pretty much when he is on a diet I am on a diet. This is actually fine with me considering the amount of crap we end up eating when he is off a diet. Of course I don't have to be one a diet too but I try to be encouraging and limit the junk food so it doesn't tempt him. Now in my house we have tons of veggies and fruit, veggie burgers for me, Diet Mt. Dew for him, Sugar Free Lemonade, oatmeal, granola, greek yogurt, and other healthy foods. I love chocolate and my rule is that no man is going to come between me and my chocolate. So of course I keep a jar of Nutella. I really hope Brian sticks with his diet this time. I really want us to be a good example for Gretchen so she will eat healthy too.

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