Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letter to my Daughter on Her 1st Birthday

Girl, you are 1 year old today. Life with you as sure been an adventure..

6 weeks of morning sickness (week 6-12 of pregnancy)
20 weeks of you kicking my insides
uncountable weeks of you using my bladder as a trampoline
1 road trip out west at 5 months preggo
26 pounds gained
12 hours of labor
45 minutes of pushing
1 epsiotomy
1 week of you having jaundice
3 trips to the hospital for you to have your belirubin count taken due to jaundice
2 weeks of me having back pain and nausea due to my hormones from being pregnant
1 trip to Niagara Falls
7 weeks of breast feeding (plus my hair falling out after I stopped breast feeding)
3 months of getting up every two hours at night with you
1 Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years,Valentines, and Easter
uncountable bottles make and diapers changed
a mountain of baby clothes
learning to roll over, push up, sit up, crawl, stand up, walk, and talk
1 birthday party
and 12 teeth later here we are.

Having you in my life as been such a blessing and I wouldn't trade this year for nothing in the world. You are walking now and getting into everything. You can say "Momma", "Dada", "dog", "stop", "that", "wiggle",and sometime "Nana". You love to stand on your head and dance. You love the Wiggles. You are a totally foodie. You have such a great personality and always smile. In the morning when you wake up and I go get you out of your crib you just smile and giggle. You have a blue fleece blanket that you love and think that when you get out of the crib it has to come too. You think you are a big girl and you try to keep up with the big kids. You have learned to climb on stuff now and think it is funny to try to roll off of it. You sure do keep me on my toes for sure. You love to swing and swim and to be outside.

I love you my Gretchen Paige (aka Bugsy or Monkey)



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